Client Version 3.3.5

Wowm Representation

Autogenerated from wowm file at wow_message_parser/wowm/world/achievement/smsg_criteria_update.wowm:1.

    u32 achievement;
    PackedGuid progress_counter;
    PackedGuid player;
    u32 flags;
    DateTime time;
    Seconds time_elapsed;
    u32 unknown;

SMSG have a header of 4 bytes.

SMSG Header

OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameDescription
0x002 OR 3 / Biguint16 OR uint16+uint8sizeSize of the rest of the message including the opcode field but not including the size field. Wrath server messages can be 3 bytes. If the first (most significant) size byte has 0x80 set, the header will be 3 bytes, otherwise it is 2.
-2 / Littleuint16opcodeOpcode that determines which fields the message contains.


OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameComment
-4 / Littleu32achievement
-- / -PackedGuidprogress_countertrinitycore/azerothcore: This is a u32 passed to the appendPackGUID function which promotes it to u64.
-- / -PackedGuidplayer
-4 / Littleu32flagstrinitycore: this are some flags, 1 is for keeping the counter at 0 in client
-4 / LittleDateTimetime
-4 / LittleSecondstime_elapsed
-4 / Littleu32unknown