Protocol Version 2, Protocol Version 3, Protocol Version 5, Protocol Version 6, Protocol Version 7, Protocol Version 8

Wowm Representation

Autogenerated from wowm file at wow_message_parser/wowm/login/cmd_auth_logon/proof_client.wowm:2.

struct TelemetryKey {
    u16 unknown1;
    u32 unknown2;
    u8[4] unknown3;
    u8[20] cd_key_proof;


OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameComment
0x002 / Littleu16unknown1
0x024 / Littleu32unknown2
0x064 / -u8[4]unknown3
0x0A20 / -u8[20]cd_key_proofSHA1 hash of the session key, server public key, and an unknown 20 byte value.

Used in: