Client Version 2.4.3

Wowm Representation

Autogenerated from wowm file at wow_message_parser/wowm/world/lfg/smsg_lfg_update_lfm.wowm:1.

smsg SMSG_LFG_UPDATE_LFM = 0x036D {
    LfgUpdateLookingForMore looking_for_more;
    if (looking_for_more == LOOKING_FOR_MORE) {
        LfgData data;

SMSG have a header of 4 bytes.

SMSG Header

OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameDescription
0x002 / Biguint16sizeSize of the rest of the message including the opcode field but not including the size field.
0x022 / Littleuint16opcodeOpcode that determines which fields the message contains.


OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameComment
0x041 / -LfgUpdateLookingForMorelooking_for_more

If looking_for_more is equal to LOOKING_FOR_MORE:

OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameComment
0x054 / -LfgDatadata