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Wowm Representation

Autogenerated from wowm file at wow_message_parser/wowm/world/battleground/smsg_battlefield_status.wowm:1.

enum StatusId : u8 {
    NONE = 0;
    WAIT_QUEUE = 1;
    WAIT_JOIN = 2;
    IN_PROGRESS = 3;
    WAIT_LEAVE = 4;


The basic type is u8, a 1 byte (8 bit) integer.


NONE0 (0x00)first status, should mean bg is not instance
WAIT_QUEUE1 (0x01)means bg is empty and waiting for queue
WAIT_JOIN2 (0x02)this means, that BG has already started and it is waiting for more players
IN_PROGRESS3 (0x03)means bg is running
WAIT_LEAVE4 (0x04)means some faction has won BG and it is ending

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