Client Version 1.12, Client Version 2, Client Version 3

Immediately logs out the client of the world and makes it send CMSG_CHAR_ENUM.

Normally the client will send CMSG_LOGOUT_REQUEST and the server will reply with an SMSG_LOGOUT_RESPONSE before this message, but sending it unprompted will also immediately send the client to the character screen.

The client always seems to send 2 CMSG_CANCEL_TRADE immediately after receiving this mesage, but before sending CMSG_CHAR_ENUM.

Even if 'Exit Game' is selected the client will still send a CMSG_CHAR_ENUM immediately before closing the connection, despite it not needing to see the character list.

Wowm Representation

Autogenerated from wowm file at wow_message_parser/wowm/world/login_logout/smsg_logout_complete.wowm:7.


SMSG have a header of 4 bytes.

SMSG Header

OffsetSize / EndiannessTypeNameDescription
0x002 / Biguint16sizeSize of the rest of the message including the opcode field but not including the size field.
0x022 / Littleuint16opcodeOpcode that determines which fields the message contains.


This message has no fields in the body.


Example 1

0, 2, // size
77, 0, // opcode (77)